Top 5 Anime With the WORST Fangirls

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So I was talking to the Presto last night about annoying fangirls and I had been reading Cracked.com lists all day. And since I'm short on blog ideas I decided to run with it and make a Top 5 list of the anime shows with the most annoying/most ridiculous/generally worst fangirls these days. (Note I say these days, not of all time.) But before I say anything, realize that this is my opinion and you are entitled to your own and you don't need to argue your point. And I'm not saying all people that watch these shows are horrible fangirls, nor that it's the show's fault (except maybe my number one). Accept this post as humor if nothing else.

5. Soul Eater
The anime: I first heard about this show before FUNimation even had the license to it. A girl I followed on deviantART cosplayed as Death the Kid, and when I looked it up I thought it looked really cool. When I heard FUNimation got the license to it, I was on the website pretty much everyday checking to see if they had updated the cast. I was there when the first teaser with an English voice came out: The whole trailer was just clips from the show with music, but ended with  Soul saying "Your soul is mine." Everyone thought it was Johnny Yong Bosch, but it was actually Mica Solusod--a pretty big newbie to the industry, so no one recognized his voice. I remember the first announcement was Todd Haberkorn playing Death the Kid (and I thanked God that it wasn't Vic Mignogna like oh so many of the fans wanted), Liz was Jamie Marchi, and Patti was Cherami Leigh. I didn't even know who the two latter were at the time. It's really the only show I can say I was "there" when they announced who got the license and who the cast was, so it automatically has a special place in my heart.

If you've read my Signature collection post, you know that I actually own this series (I own the first three parts out of four, and anticipating money so I can get the last part,) though I can honestly say this show is not my favorite. The only thing I found particularly good were the character designs and the music. (By far it is the show that I want to cosplay the most characters from: Soul Eater Evans, Death the Kid, and Crona; and every time I hear Bakusou Yumeuta I want to break out into dance.) Apparently the ending is amazing so maybe if I rewatch it and/or see the ending I'll be more liking of it...

The fans: We know that you think Death the Kid is amazingly awesome and that you think his obsession with symmetry is hilarious. Yeah, it was funny to me for about five minutes when I first saw it back in what, 2007? However, I didn't keep going on about hilarious it was. Imagine that.

I kind of liken my experience with Soul Eater to my experience with Twilight. I read Twilight before people I knew started reading it (people in general were reading it by then though, because it had made the #1 slot for the New York Times bestseller list) and the whole vampire-teen obsession thing blew out of the control, and I liked it pretty fair. Not the greatest thing I ever read, but it was okay. Then I came back to the first day of eighth grade and EVERYONE was talking about it. I thought it was cool at first until I realized how blown out of proportion it had gone. Thus, scarring me for life. Same thing with Soul Eater: the fans basically ruined it for me.

4. Black Butler
The anime: From what I've seen so far: Horrific compared to the manga. I've only seen three episodes of it and it's already that much worse than the manga. Preston said he won't watch it with me anymore, but I promised myself I'd watch the Jack the Ripper saga before I called it quits to see if it gets any better.

Ciel is. a. BRAT. GET OVER YOURSELF. STOP BEING EMO. (Really only in the anime though.)

The fans: I understand Sebastian's apparently so sexy because he's a demon. Whatev's. Good for you.

The franchise itself is good and all, but the fanbase is almost enough to turn me off from it.

3. Naruto
The anime: Crap. It's probably the most popular anime in the world right now, but why does it seem like all the most popular anime happen to have hundreds of episodes with no real point to them at all? Alongside Bleach, Inuyasha, and Dragonball Z, this anime has no real point and is not gripping in the slightest.

Before you go off on how I have no idea what I'm talking about, I watched about the first 50 episodes. Then I started watching Fullmetal Alchemist and lost interest. Huh, wonder why?

The fans: The anime fan base like to endearingly refer to Naruto fans as "Naru-tards," and with good reason. Most of the time the people that like this show (along with the ones I mentioned above) obsess over these specific shows and don't have any variety. You find out they're anime fans and all they wanna talk about are those shows...and then you realize they're not really anime fans at all.

Don't even get me started about the horrific cosplay. O_O But that can really be saved for my next anime on this list...

2. Death Note
The anime: Is good. No doubt about that. Death Note alongside with Fullmetal Alchemist was my first "real" anime that I actually watched all the way through, though unlike Fullmetal Alchemist I have yet to have the girth to watch it through again (even though FMA is longer and I've watched it all the way through three times within a 6-month period...tell you anything?)

But it's true, it does make you think and there really is nothing like it, but that doesn't mean you have to be a crazy fangirl about it.

The fans: Something tells me that the fangirls of this anime care very little about what the show is actually about. All they care about is how sexy L is (or Light, depending on which way you swing, but most of the crazy ones are after L) even though he is very obviously not interested in romance and may as well be considered asexual. And don't hate on Near because he "replaced" L. Obviously if you think he "replaced" him, you must think pretty highly of him, so why do you have to hate on him? Besides, Near was the one who CAUGHT Light--not L.

And the stupid cosplayers...do I even have to say anything? (Even Preston admits that he regrets his L cosplay.)

1. Hetalia: Axis Powers
That's actually the art for the OST, but you wouldn't know that because you can't read Japanese.
The anime: I think Preston says it best when he says, "Watching Hetalia is like watching a migraine." You're so confused the whole time that when a joke comes up you don't know whether to laugh or not. When I remember the brief chance I gave watching Hetalia, I see it as something I'd rather forget.

The fans: This was so easy to choose as number one. This one hits closest to home because most of who I consider my closest friends are rabid fangirls of Hetalia. As if that wasn't enough, at my last convention I kind of wanted to kill every Hetalia cosplayer I saw, and oh, there would be a lot of bloodshed because they pretty much made up half of the attendants. All my friends thought it was amazing that there were four Italys they could hug and talk to. I however did not. Yeah, and when was the last time you saw a Hetalia cosplayer that was actually male like the character? Yeah, there's a reason for that.

Yeah, and if that didn't set me off enough I cringed seeing the HUGE amount of people that went to the Hetalia Fan Panel. The only reason I was even in that area was because following this panel was the "Classic Anime You Should Know" panel in the same room. I don't think anybody stayed. Imagine that.

As if the fangirls themselves were not bad enough, the show is unfathomably popular. What's the appeal? Please explain it to me. And no, "because it's funny" will not cut it because there are plenty of shows that are much more funny and don't have nearly as big of a following.


In reality, most of the teenage attendees of anime conventions are not very well-versed in anime at all. I will admit that before I started dating Preston, I was not even that well-versed myself. Now that I've had the opportunity to see anime of all kind, I understand what I like and not just what me and my friends talk about all the time. Nobody's perfect, but could you just try a little bit harder?

And now that that's over, I should probably go find a hiding spot before my Hetalia fangirl friends come to kill me. Bye!