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Hey there. So, today in English I came across a word that would be perfect to replace "Comedy/Tragedy" in the title of this blog:

noun. 1. a dramatic or other literary composition combining elements of both tragedy and comedy. 2. an incident, or series of incidents, of mixed tragic and comic character.

I was not aware of such a wonderful word. I think I will replace it in the title.

Anyway, I had a really bad day so I feel like spending a lot of time on this post. I will be showing off my (pretty measly) signature collection. (To show off my real collection I'd have to show Presto's collection alongside mine since I sort of consider his anime/manga collection mine--we've even had voice actors sign some of our stuff "To Zizi and Preston." But I can't really do that, now can I?) This won't take too long, I promise.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Premium OVA Collection
Vic Mignogna (Edward), Caitlin Glass (Winry), J Michael Tatum (Scar), Brittney Karbowski (young Alphonse), Christine Auten (Izumi), ??? (ADR Engineer)

This is close to the most signatures I have out of everything I own. Funny story about the engineer: In the line for the Anime Overload signing, this guy sees J Michael and Caitlin signing this and says, "Hey, is that the OVA collection for FMA? I was an engineer for that, can I sign it?" and I was like "Sure!" Never caught his name and you obviously can't read his signature. To this day I have no idea who that guy was. (Just checked the guest list for AO--the guy isn't even on there. 0_o)

Kodocha, Disc 04
Greg Ayres (Tsuyoshi)

IFREAKINLOVETHISSHOW. 'Tis my favorite anime ever, Kodocha. ^-^ Greg was so excited when I pulled this out, since it's not too popular. :P

Soul Eater, Part 02
Brittney Karbowski (Black Star)
I was originally very upset about FUNimation casting Black Star as a girl, but I looove Brittney. <3 She was so adorable! She actually held up the autograph line talking to my friends about Ghost Stories while I was chillin' with Michael Sinterniklaas and Presto was chillin' with Chris Ayres. XD When the staff told her to move things along, she told us to find us later so we could talk some more! :D Sadly, we never found her, but it was still really cool!

The Wallflower: The Complete Series
Greg Ayres (Yukinojo), Chris Ayres (ADR Director, George?)

IFREAKINLOVETHISHOWTOO. When I got Chris to sign this I said, "Anime News Network tells me that you directed like, half of this show. Is that true?" and he said, "Yes, but not only did a direct, but I also played...George!" And I was like ...? And he said, "He was only in one episode, but you know who I'm talking about, right?" and I said, "Yeah, of course!" No. No, I don't, Chris. I'm sorry.

Also, the reason Greg wrote "Wow!" on the disc was because he was like, "OMG. I can't believe how girly Yuki looks!" right before he signed it. XD

Soul Eater poster
Brittney Karbowski (Black Star)
Funniest thing: When Brittney signed this, she asked, "Can I write 'I will surpass God' on here?" and I was like, "Sure," and then after she started signing it, I said "Well, my dad's a pastor. He might not like very much." And she started freaking out and apologizing profusely. He still hasn't noticed. :P

Ouran High School Host Club wallscroll
Caitlin Glass (Haruhi and ADR Director), J Michael Tatum (Kyoya), and Greg Ayres (Kaoru)
This thing is like, my pride and joy. (Well, really the actual Ouran DVDs are, but a friend is borrowing those right now. :<) It's the only wallscroll I own right now (hopefully for not much longer,) and I love it to death. I totally got ripped off though, 'cause I got this for $20 and I learned later you can easily get a good wallscroll for $15 at the most. >:(

And now for some non-voice actor signatures!~

Descendents of Erdrick, Down Right Heavy

It was so awesome talking to Lauren, the flautist. My friend, Kayla, and I both used to play the flute till we quit band. When we saw them at IKKiCON, my friends and I were the only ones in the signing room right after the concert, so we got to talk to her foreverrr about fluteyness. :3
Kayla - One of Zizi's BFF's. They joined band together a year late in seventh grade, both playing flute, though Zizi quit after freshman year and Kayla's quitting after sophomore year.
(The reason the rhythm guitarist wrote "I signed the cover!" is because I almost skipped over him for some reason and I demanded that he sign it and all of the guys acted all alarmed that he hadn't. XD)
Descendents of Erdrick poster

More awesomeness~
One-Eyed Doll posters

LOVE THEM. <3 One-Eyed Doll is a local two-person band based in Austin. I got both of these at Anime Overload. The one on the right was given to everyone at the end of the concert on Friday night, and the one on the left Kimberly just gave to me for free. When I asked Junior to sign it, he got all cute and said, "YOU GOT ONE OF ME?!" and hugged me. It was pretty surprising. XD And then at IKKiCON, they remembered us! :3 I felt so special!

And last but definitely not least...

This was my marching band bag until I quit band. Now, I just use it for conventions and overnights. For the past three cons, I've gotten all the voice actors and bands there to sign it. I'm not even going to try and name them all. :P (When I asked One-Eyed Doll to sign this, all Kimberly had was this HUGE Sharpie. Pretty hilarious.)

Awesomeness factors of this bags besides the signatures:
- The Alphonse (Fullmetal Alchemist) charm

So, that's my collection. This was a lot than I thought it would be...o_o
So, I love you guys. You're awesome. Ttyl.

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