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I got a haircut last Wednesday. The last few years or so I've gotten a haircut about once a year, occasionally sneaking in a cute little style based off an anime character's for about six weeks till it starts looking bad and I have to cut it again. The last couple times I cut my hair was for cosplay. Before, it was for Haruhi Suzumiya and now it's for Yui Hirasawa from K-On! I pretty much do any cosplay where I can use my own hair. Plus Yui's friggin' adorable. 

The reason I chose now to cosplay as Yui is because my friend that's going to the same convention as me soon did a Mio cosplay. I wanted to cosplay as Yui as soon as I saw her design before I had even seen the anime/read the manga--now, I've watched most of the first episode and read the first two volumes of the manga. I'll watch the anime when it comes out in English. (I also dragged Erinn into being Ritsu since their hair is pretty much exactly the same.)
Though, truth is if I could buy a wig, I'd totally cosplay as Azusa instead.
I just answered my own question.
Well, really the real reason I'm not cosplaying as Azusa is because I didn't even know she was a character till I read the second volume of the manga. I had seen cosplayers of her, and went, "Who is that? Mio's long-lost twin sister or something?"
"Oh, I'll just give her pigtails to differentiate between the two. And give her a different colored ribbon than the rest of the girls (FOR NO APPARENT REASON). YEAH!"
Azusa's basically the character that everybody swoons over for being so frickin' adorable. Before that, it was Mio. I guess by the second volume the mangaka got tired of torturing probably the most mature member of the group and brought in Azusa.


Her nickname is Azu-nyan for goodness sake's.

So my Mio and I were chatting, and she reveals to me that she wishes she could cosplay as Tsumugi. Apparently she's her favorite character. That's great, because nobody wants to cosplay as Tsumugi; we can get another Mio easy. If we just got someone to be Yui (if I got an Azusa wig) or Azusa, we'd be set.

Anyway, that's not actually the point of this post at all.

I'm to the point where I can make my own hair appointment. Heck, I had to call her back after I "figured out my work schedule." (Oh, by the way, I got a job.) I made my appointment sitting in the car waiting for my mom to get some medication from the pharmacy. Sitting in the driver's seat, of course, since I was driving and all. (I'm so cool with my driver's permit.) I had nothing better to do, so why not?

I've gotten my haircut at the same place my whole life. In fact, I had the same hairstyle up until 3rd grade when I decided to grow it out to the small of my back.
Left: This was the girliest any of my outfits got back then.
Right: I'm seriously wearing those pants right now.
Anyway, even though I've always gotten my haircut at the same place, I haven't had the same hairdresser. It seems like every time I make an appointment, I have to meditate on, "Paula cuts my hair, not Susan" because I will accidently say Susan. It's happened before. Okay, not while I was making an appointment, but just talking to my mom. It sounds like I have Alzheimer's or something.

I love Paula because she's such a perfectionist. Also, she is honestly surprised when I don't bring in a picture of an anime character for reference. With the combination of those two things, she will be one of the few people I will trust to give me as-accurate-as-physically-possible anime-styled haircuts.

As everyone knows, hairdressers have the life-long stereotype of talking to their clients about all their hopes, fears, joys, and concerns while they cut her hair. This is one stereotype that is absolutely true. Thing is, they expect you to start the conversation. Usually that's a middle-aged lady thing--are teenagers really expected to do the same thing? When I got my hair cut every six weeks, I was too busy playing my Game Boy Color to say anything. My mom sorta does that thing when she gets her hair cut, but it's pretty basic stuff that people like hearing: "My son's getting married" is pretty customary to get people excited. Actually, that was brought up when my mom was talking to another customer she knew. As soon as Paula heard it, she goes, "Oh, is that coming up soon?" "Yeah, next weekend." ...

"You're awful quiet today." "I guess I'm just tired."

I guess she just had a memory relapse and forgot that I don't talk when people cut my hair except to say "That's good" or "Can you give me layers, too?"

All in all, I was satisfied. I have cut hair now and I'm so ready for Anime Overload III. :D

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