The Birth of a Serial Killer

Ironically, I just started typing this up while "The Horror of Our Love" by LUDO is playing.

"I want you stuffed in my mouth/Hold you down and tear you open/Live inside you/Oh love, I'd never hurt you/But I'll grind our bones/until our marrows mix/I will eat you slowly/Oh, the horror of our love/Never so much blood."

Yeah, they're messed up.

Hello, eyes and ears. I haven't been posting as much because--well, mostly because I don't have any ideas. Plus I've been uber busy roleplaying on Gaia. Liiike that's probably the reason it'll take me a few hours to finish this. (EDIT: It did.)

So today's Friday (I swear if anyone makes any Rebecca Black jokes--) and my school has just finished our full week of TAKS testing, or the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skill. It's just our state mandated testing we take at the end of the year and they're so simple. (Though next year they're switching to the STAR test, which is more like an End of Course exam than a "here's a generalization of what you learned the past three years" test. My class had to take the field test for it and it was hard. @_@ Luckily, we don't actually have to take it and the class below mine is going to be the first. >:D Got lucky with that one.) It took up four days: sophomores Math on Tuesday, juniors Math on Wednesday (meaning I didn't have to come in till 1:30,) Science on Thursday, and Social Studies today. We were in the same classroom, sitting in the same spot, for the three days we were testing which kind of sucked because I didn't have anyone I knew and/or liked in my room but it was still kind of awesome (I sound like a Glee recap.) because today our teacher brought us donuts from Roundrock Donuts, which if you don't know, are literally world famous for how deliciously amazing they are. (She teaches AP Biology which I plan on taking senior year. Pleasepleasepleaseletmehaveher.)

So I ended up sitting in the second row from the door in the second seat (Someone drew a flower on the Post-it note with my name on it by the second day of testing. No idea who it was or even if they knew me or if they were just bored. I saved it.) so I was between Mr. I just had foot surgery so I'm going to block the aisle with my wheelchair, forcing you to awkwardly climb in on the other side of the desk BECAUSE I'M A JERK WHO DOESN'T CARE ABOUT HOW YOU GET INTO YOUR DESK and this other guy.

FUTURE DISCLAIMER: This is pretty much all based on STEREOTYPES.
First of all, this guy is already tall and has a dark deep voice. Let's say, stereotypically speaking, this guy already has some criteria for say, a serial killer. Or a mass rapist. Or some other horrible awfully awful criminal.

I only met this guy last year and he was in my Geometry class for half the year. I learned a few things about this dude while sharing the vicinity of my Geometry class with him.
1. He blows his nose REEEALLY loud.
2. He gets made fun of for blowing his nose REEEALLY loud.
3. He gets angry when people make fun of him.
4. This makes the people make fun of him more.

And overall--not to be mean--he's pretty creepy. During the Science TAKS, I think he breathed or something and it sounded like this uuuber creepy growl-y thing that people do right before they kill you. I nearly peed my pants.

During the actually test, I learned:
5. He shows signs of mental disturbia.

At a couple of points I could hear him pounding his fist into his desk. Normal people don't do that.

This also reminds me of another kid I know who's in my World History class.
1. Not gonna lie, he can be really obnoxious sometimes. But it's not like his being is obnoxious.
2. Pretty much everyone in the class is absolutely cruel to him. (Thankfully the girl who was the worst about it moved out of the class at semester.)
3. His laugh has the power to make other people stop laughing.
4. Everyone always comments on how when he sneezes it makes them have a heart attack. (I'm pretty used to it because I also sneeze loudly. I get it from my dad.)
5. Sometimes he'll do this evil laugh thing that I guess is supposed to be kin to a squirrel.
6. We'll just be sitting in class when he does this series of clicks with his mouth. I don't know if he just does it 'cause he can or if it's Tourette's or something. (One time when he did that this girl said, "That's disgusting" just to be mean. I kind of wanted to yell at her.)
7. He also shows signs of mental disturbia. Scribbling all over someone's quiz when you're grading it is not normal and I don't appreciate it very much either.

Basically, the point I'm trying to make is that I feel this, alongside poor parenting, is how most serial killers, mass rapists, or other horrible awfully awful criminals are created. I don't know these guys' home lives and I'm not going to pretend to. It's just that all I can think of when I hear people making fun of kids like that is, do you have any idea what you're doing?

We have this supposed anti-bullying code at our school called No Place for Hate which has just kind of turned into a big joke for the students. For example, whenever someone playfully says something mean to someone else, someone will say "Hey, No Place for Hate!" I agree that the concept is laughable. Why have an anti-bullying code and not enforce it at all? A lot of kids in my Engineering class don't get along (freshmen) and a couple of weeks ago it got so bad that one of the kids punched another in front of the whole class. The puncher is part of a group of kids that I and pretty much everyone else in the class find infuriatingly annoying, and even though a lot of the other people think that the kid that got punched is just as annoying and sometimes I agree with them (cursing at the computer when it doesn't work and venomously insulting my religion aren't exactly appealing,) I pretty much consider him my friend because he really has no one else that likes him in that class--so basically, I'm nice to him when he's pleasant and when he's annoying I'm not. But not to the point where I constantly call him gay and end up punching him in the face. I'm pretty sure the guy who punched him got off easy. What kind of anti-bullying code is that?

I wish life could be like the All Boys Dalton Academy from Glee. (While I was trying to find the name of the academy on Wikipedia, I got spoilers. URGH.) If you don't know the show, Kurt--the gay kid--transfers there after being constantly harassed and receives a death threat from a football player who's only harassing him because he's actually gay himself and can't accept it. He learns from this other gay kid from the Academy--who he obviously has a crush on because he's the only gay other person on the show besides creepy football player dude--that the Academy has a 100% anti-bullying policy, so the teachers and faculty would actually give a crap if someone made fun of how you blew your nose or how you sneezed or if you got punched. Too bad that's not how things are.

I honestly never understood why people make fun of other people--why they feel the need to say what they're thinking. It doesn't matter what you're thinking. Maybe it's because I'm, to a lot of people, in the same category as them since we're all nerds. (I believe geeks have different levels. The awesome ones and the annoying ones that I don't associate with--yes, that even applies to anime geeks.) Maybe it's, I don't know, because I'm a Christian? And I actually kind of try to follow what the Bible tells us to do? No way! What a concept.

Really, I haven't been teased much in my life--not as much as some of my other friends--but I've been teased a bit and it hurts. You think it's harmless till it happens to you. I stopped riding the bus to school in fifth grade because the people in my grade that I had rode on this bus with since I was in Kindergarten didn't like the fact that I started wearing black all the time. Then there's the constant "pastor's kid" taunting, which of course everyone thinks is required or something because they do it all. the. time. Of course they're always kidding, haha, so funny. Yeah, not so much.

So think before you speak. 'Cause you never know when that person you spoke ill of comes to murder you. Just sayin'.

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