Hello. My name is Elizabeth Anne Roberts, but about 75% of the humans I know call me Zizi. The other approximate 25% only call me Elizabeth because they think they are so cool that they do not need to succumb to the likings of others and actually call me by the name I prefer. Or they just knew me before I started going by Zizi. Or they're my family. Or all of the above. Anyway, that's not really important. You see, I get really worked up about names. I know my real name is Elizabeth, but I feel like that is not my name--though I feel Zizi is more "me" (whatever in the world that means), it still does not feel that it is truly myself. Alas, it probably does not actually matter. Some people say your name is your destiny or some crap like that, but really it's only a thing people call you. I have other names, such as Lizzy Anne, Lovely Anne, Whiz, Whizzy (all of which my family calls me and them alone), Zidabet (the spelling is left up to dispute,) Stitches (as my boyfriend has recently started calling me for no apparent reason and slightly ironic considering I've never even had stitches,) or perhaps my favorite, Zizi Zobertz. My good friend Rina gave this to me when I first started going by this nickname at school three years ago. Since it is perhaps my favorite, it has made the title of my blog.

This is where I effortlessly segway into my next topic: the title of my blog. If you can't read it from where you're reading this and/or you don't give a care to remember it, it is The Comedy/Tragedy of Zizi Zobertz. Being a teenage girl, my life is a drama. However, I am not one of those girls that sits in the back of the classroom gossiping about other girls that surely don't deserve it (not that I think anyone deserves anything.) I've tried to avoid it up until now, but I've realized that even though I'm a geek I cannot avoid everyday high school teenager drama. And Shakespeare I guess was a pretty cool dude (Julius Caesar was in the half of the books I was supposed to read for class that I actually read, though I still completely bombed the test even though I bought No Fear Shakespeare and everything) so I'll use his comedy and tragedy title. I thought it was witty, anyway. So, that being said, this is where I introduce the characters in this drama:

Zizi - The heroine of this drama. She likes to talk and eat marshmallows.
Preston (AKA Presto) - The boyfriend. He's really tall and skinny. He's quite sickly, and Zizi's sure she'll make a blog about it one day. They've been dating since 02/12/10.
Mira - The best friend. Not your average best friend, since Zizi and her have never actually met. They became friends when Mira messaged her on deviantART when they were 12 and they've pretty much been best friends ever since.
Dad - One of Zizi's caregivers. He drives Zizi everywhere until she gets her license and talks to her about her feelings. He is the pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Georgetown, TX.
Mom - Another of Zizi's caregivers. She's a stay-at-home mom.
Timothy - The older brother. Him and Zizi don't get along very well. He'll be turning 21 next month, but he still lives at home. He has a job as a night auditor and he's interested in real estate.
Jonathan - The oldest brother. Turning 25 this September. Getting married in July. Gets along better with Zizi than Timothy, but he pretty much moved out as quickly as possible and lives in Austin.
Anna - Timothy's girlfriend. They already act like they're married. She wants to be a nurse.
Paige - Jonathan's fiancée. They're getting married in July. She is a Biology teacher in Manor.

I guess that is enough for a first post. I hope you look forward to the next one.

Next time: Why do people think Jesus died on Easter?

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