Bows and My Obsession with Them

Happy Easter (and yay for the first blog that utilizes pictures!) I went to church in this uncomfortable yet adorable dress this morning. My whole family was there, including my parents, my brothers and their significant others, except for Presto. Sadly, he had to go to his parents' church, otherwise my whole family would've been there!

Anyway, that's not the point. Today we're talking about all my BOWS. Sadly, this would've been more fitting if I had done this a few months ago because I don't wear them nearly as much now, but it will do just as well.

I always wear bows on my left, your right, where my bangs are.

You see, even if I wanted to, I could part my hair on the other side because I have a cowlick right where I part my hair. Otherwise it would look dumb.

The one you see in the picture is one of three of the bows I bought from Kawaii Ribbons (kawaii means cute in Japanese,) which is an artist that goes around to the conventions. I met them at Anime Overload last year, and they were also at my last convention, IKKiCON V. I absolutely love the people at that booth (It's this super cute married couple. ^-^) and so I went to their table everyday at IKKiCON. On the last day they gave me and my friends these necklaces. I wear mine constantly. (In this picture, it's the necklace with the black chain and little swirly charm.)
So AO last year was where my obsession with bows came from. I bought a blue bow with a little cloud charm and that catapulted me into buying all these bows every chance I could get. Small ones, big one, huge ones. A lot of them I no longer have because I got rid of them after I just stopped wearing them. However, here is what left of my bow collection.

You can also see many different bracelets, hats, this picture in a frame, alongside various other things.
Here you can see all the Kawaii Ribbons. The small (which I hardly wear) and medium sized bows are from Claire's. And the GIANT highlighter yellow bow I just bought at a town festival a couple of weekends ago.

As you can see, I really enjoy my bows. They make me feel cute. :P And with that, I hope you enjoyed my small little post and have a happy Easter.

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